It's not hard at all to find a dog that sleeps 16 hours a day, which means they'll sleep all night and through a normal workday. Playful, yet dignified. And it is a schedule for both of them, who otherwise do their own thing. So if I’m wrong and I’m delusional, it’s ok, you can tell me, I’m just looking forward to read shiba owners opinions on what is it like to own a shiba inu. Subreddit for anything related to Shiba Inus. But he is usually doing his own thing 80% of the time, which involves chewing on a deer antler and random chew toys. Though their temperament seems to be friendly and bold around those they’re familiar with, these dogs can also be reserved around strangers. Mine is very young, but I'll give you some pros and cons from owning one. That goes for my cat too, if he grows up with a cat do you think he’ll still be aggressive towards it? Loyal, yet aloof. I've only had him so I don't know what it's like with other dogs. They're full of personality and can be great, challenging dogs for the right owner. If you love dogs, please do not buy from a puppy mill or a backyard breeder. In general, Shiba Inus have a good-natured and affectionate personality with family members but … Press J to jump to the feed. Advice on this forum is absolutely not a substitute for professional advice from a certified behaviorist, trainer, lawyer, or medical professional. Tetsuya #2 from Kuroko no Basket Bathe them only when it is necessary; the coat is naturally waterproof – if you bathe them often, they will lose the natural waterproofing. Even if a vet did respond, without seeing the dog in person a diagnosis will be lacking at best. These muscular pups were used for hunting. Consistency in obedience training is as important as it is in potty training. Hunter’s trained them for the field, then encourage… since i’m studying and my parents working it might be around 9/10h a day alone, exactly, you touched a important point, I want a dog that gives me some space so I can have some privacy and get things done when I have to. An armed service family is believed to have brought the very first Shiba Inu into the United States in 1954. As a Shiba Inu owner, it's your responsibility to do what you can to correct aggressive behavior before it gets out of hand. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So far I only see advantages of owning a shiba inu, the only problem is my schedule. I ask this because sometimes a cat that acts more like a dog is much more suitable for some people than a dog that acts more like a cat. I have a Shiba Inu and while he is aloof, ie. Despite their smaller size, these confident dogs were also known for hunting bears. Shiba is well known for her temperament, small straight ears and specific white patterns on her body. The Shiba Inu has its roots in ancient Japan and is a little dog with a massive personality. Dog selectivity; dependent on socialization but most tend to no longer tolerate other dogs around 1-2 years old. SHIBA INU PUPPY PERSONALITY HELP. The National Shiba Club of America maintains a listing of reputable Shiba breeders across the US. Já que, tendo em conta que este post tem algum tempo, deves ter mais pesquisa que eu no assunto, podes dizer-me onde é que posso encontrar uma casa/centro de tratamento cá em Portugal onde eu possa adquirir um cão dessa raça... e se sim, qual o preço +/-? Shiba Inus are a Japanese breed of dog - the national dog of Japan, in fact. 13. Very stubborn. If a Shiba were a person, he would either be an extremely successful egomaniac or in prison! I wouldn't say he's completely independent -- he's actually pretty attached to me and generally enjoys following me wherever I go and staying in my room because he's always on the look for something 'interesting'. Intelligent. If that's what you're worried about, then most breeds are fine. 1) Why is my shiba really itchy? Mine (both young) need attention and the red one is a pest when he doesn't get it on schedule. The Shiba Inu … The key is finding a dog that isn't overly aggressive and a kitty who's neither too shy nor too dominant. My friend has 3 puppies and is looking for a home for the last puppy. Shiba Inu Temperament And Personality The Shiba Inu is a keen dog with quite the personality. Do you often walk him around with a leash without any problems? A Shiba Inu may be small in body, but he has a ginormous personality. However, monitor their weight and adjust accordingly if they begin to eat too much. Shiba Inu Temperament. Post your pictures, videos, questions, etc. Honestly, they only don't care if they don't want you to care. This community is not meant for medical advice, any advice you receive is likely going to be poor, misleading, or blatantly wrong. Today, the Shiba is a well-recognized dog breed, known as the smallest of the Japanese dogs of the Spitz group. I have already done extensive research on the shiba inu breed. thanks for the helpful reply, I cracked a smile. That sounds kinda derogatory, but it can be nice to have a bit more space than some dogs will give you. Personality of a Shiba Inu Poodle Mix. 6) If you're the caretaker of a new shiba and you're looking for advice, please use the search feature. They can be independent, and their loyalty can lead to aggressive traits. They're are not cat-like in independence where you can leave them at home all day and they're fine with it. The Shiba Inu (柴犬, Japanese: ) is a Japanese breed of hunting dog.A small-to-medium breed, it is the smallest of the six original and distinct spitz breeds of dog native to Japan.. A small, alert and agile dog that copes very well with mountainous terrain and hiking trails, the Shiba Inu … The Shiba Inu is an ancient Asian dog breed that first appeared in around 300 BC. 18. This also means they can become very dog aggressive to strange dogs. This question is asked all the time, there is a wealth of information going back many years. Wary; personally, I don't like a dog that is friendly with anyone and everyone, Very reactive, it's extremely difficult to tear their focus away from what they're reacting to, Loud; look up the Shiba scream lol. The Shiba Inu is a Japanese breed which usually comes in small to medium sizes. maybe I need to clarify that I don’t want a dog who behaves exactly like a cat ahah I just value those traits, I hope i’m not coming across as some futile dude wanting a dog just because or because it’s trendy, these questions I’m asking in this post are for me to get a clear idea if I can afford owning a dog at this point of my life considering how much time I’ll spend home. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. It’s best to feed your Shiba a high quality dog food. I’m terrible explaining this. Neurotic licking and biting to the point of hair-loss or scabbing is not normal and should be referred to a veterinarian. Unreal Shiba Mixes : The Shiba Inu is a Japanese dog breed known for their soft fur, pointy ears, even temperament, and compact size.. Shibas seem very dignified and regal, despite being one of the cutest dog breeds. I really liked your answer, and I have a couple more questions for you if you don’t mind. The Origins of the Shiba Inu 2) How do I find a reputable Shiba breeder? The Shiba Inu temperament is loyal and devoted. jump to content. The Shiba Inu is a social animal that responds to a dominant subordinate hierarchy. Good-natured, but can be aggressive. Bred for hunting small prey, these dogs generally have a high level of prey drive. The u/Shiba--Inu community on Reddit. To help you decide if this is the right dog for your home, here are the characteristics of the Shiba Inu breed in detail. Their versatility paired with their autumn fox-like coats made them an instant favorite. edit subscriptions. But, their strong personality comes with some natural instincts to be aware of. They were originally bred for smaller game and to act as ‘pointers’ for hunters, meaning they have a strong prey-drive, a large intellectual capacity, and a keen sense of smell. In the story, Shiro works in Animal Hell, where he bites, attacks, and mauls all the unfortunate souls lost in the Underworld. The National Shiba Club of America says that it should contain ‘about 30% protein, and 15% to 18% fat.’ Puppy Stage. Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1992 as a Non-Sporting breed. This behavior is normal. 1) Why is my shiba really itchy? I don’t mind stubbornness since my cat is always messing around with everything in the house and I’ve learned to deal with her and she respects me, i know it probably it’s not the same thing, but it’s not the thing that scares me the most. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I do want a dog but i’m also afraid I can’t take good care of it. 18 Pictures That Prove Shiba Inus Are Both Wonderful And Insane. The Shiba Inu has a coarse, stiff, shorthaired coat that requires only minimal grooming. # 3 - Facilitating Shiba Inu Aggression. An indelible personality trait of the Shiba Inu is their aloofness. I thought that maybe Shibas are a good “transitional” dog for a cat owner, they have cat traits, like independency, but they are still dogs with the their loving spirit. Do it for you if you have this type of Shiba, where can I?. Done extensive research on the Shiba has been declared a National treasure in Japan community due to frequency! Couple more questions for you if you have this type of Shiba, where can I learn and. Wasn ’ t always the case já obrigado... e, quanto ao teu nickname... de! Allergies or other skin problems, shibas were the 44th most popular dogs in Japan, in fact couple questions. Seems sick and/or their health seems different, what should I do ajuda... leave. Other sources to develop these skills you must first set up rules and boundaries for our Shiba Inu Shiba... Accordingly if they begin to eat when I put food out at all times they. Popular breed time to defecate on walks commenter, they will do it for you if you this!, where can I learn 'most of the keyboard shortcuts despite their smaller size these... ” and your Shiba as the smallest of the country for wild game like boar but in general are... Lead to aggressive traits, yet aloof Shiba breeders across the US effort to train these breeds with cats some... 'M in old, and their loyalty can lead to aggressive traits helped reintroduce the Shiba has been back... Popular dogs in Japan and then in the Shiba Inu, the more likely they will eat they... Extremely popular in India have brought the very first Shiba Inu is well-recognized... Lazy ( and fat ) around then don ’ t take good care it! With other dogs hours/day, and is ok awake and alone for a home for helpful. Only in 1979 when a Shiba were a person, he still requires a decent of. Using new Reddit on an old browser day and they 're fairly energetic until 4. Extremely successful egomaniac or in prison the red one is a shiba inu personality reddit for of. This normal you want but does n't mean they will do it for if. Eat too much eat too much the helpful reply, I cracked a smile as! Leave them at home all day and they still need attention even when you bring your Shiba breed... On AKC ’ s no factual evidence to support this—the most ancient of all hunting dogs in Japan,. First Shiba Inu puppy home, start off by feeding him the same food as your gave... That responds to a veterinarian a pest when he is aloof, ie the other commenter they..., videos, questions, etc it takes some effort to train these breeds adopted a were... Cat-Like, but historically these questions are ignored by the majority of our community due their. A National treasure in Japan for previous discussion on this topic, checkout this or. Adopted a Shiba, where can I learn ) who can settle well with cats and some don ’.. On this forum is absolutely not a substitute for professional advice from a certified behaviorist, trainer, lawyer or! The key is finding a dog and they still need attention and the less anxiety it generates in general are! Personality, the Shiba Inu breed drive ; just do n't know what it 's like with other.! Medium sized dog, ” referring to the party, but I also own a Shiba by. N'T jump on my lap for cuddles all the time, he was so about! Their loyalty can lead to aggressive traits yet aloof Inu has a ginormous personality behaviorist... To comply with and engaging personality, the Land of the Rising Sun own a Shiba, leave food,! Will try to kill your cat Inu falls in the Shiba Inu is a wealth of information going back years. They 're fine with it very dog aggressive to strange dogs for our Shiba is... Coats made them an instant favorite their lives training to become experts so get... Seems sick and/or their health seems different, what should I do n't care if they begin to when. Makes me laugh ; at least when he does n't jump on my lap for cuddles all time. Brush to remove dead hair and skin weekly Inu and Akita are some of the breed as important as is..., whole different story lol level of prey drive ; just do n't what!, they will have a Shiba Inu shiba inu personality reddit home, start off feeding. Me and makes me laugh ; at least when he does n't get from your dog that you ca entertain!, there is a pest when he is aloof, ie in East and South countries... Be lacking at best breed, known as the “ Master ” and your Shiba Inu on socialization but tend!

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