10 Epic Battles that Changed History. On August 23, 1942, the Battle of Stalingrad commenced during World War II. Listed below, in no particular order, are some of the top tank battles of World War II: (1941) Battle of Brody. World War II was a global conflict. African Front Western Desert Campaign: June 1940 – February 1943 Italian invasion of Egypt: September 1940; Operation Compass: December 1940 – February 1941 Battle of Nibeiwa: December 1940; Battle … World War II began on September 1st, 1939 with the Nazi German invasion of Poland, and ended on September 2nd, 1945 when Imperial Japan formally signed its terms of surrender to become … Many historians therefore consider the Battle of Stalingrad to have been the turning point of the European theater of World War II. https://listverse.com/2012/08/26/top-10-battles-of-world-war-ii The Battle of Brody was a fierce tank battle between the Germans and the Red Army. Also the battles … Battle of Monte Cassino, 17 January–18 May 1944: 185,000 casualties Waged between the Allies and the joint German and Italian troops in the early part of 1944, the Battle of Monte Cassino was one of the hardest fought battles … Top 10 epic tank battle … In August … A Brief History. Germans: 800 tanks Soviet Union: 2,500 tanks. The battle … The 10 bloodiest battles of WWI 4 Aug, 2014 04:40 AM 7 minutes to read A group of ANZAC soldiers, from Taranaki on the Gallipoli peninsula during the Gallipoli Campaign of World War I, 1915. Posted on July 3, 2016 June 27, 2016 by Sam. The German 6th Army was destroyed, and the decisive Soviet victory marked the beginning of the decline of the Axis forces on the Eastern Front. A ‘battle’ is defined here as an event occurring in a particular place and over a relatively short time-span; the shortest of these battles lasted 90 minutes, the longest three months. 10. Nearly all of the countries supported either the Allies or the Axis. Their involvement in World War II was vital. From the late WWII havoc during the Battle of the Bulge, in which over 2638 tanks and 902 armored fighting vehicles took part, to the 1981 Battle of Dezful during the 8 year long Iran-Iraq war, tanks performed as most significant offensive weapons around the world. 10 Most Decisive Battles of World War II. The nearly six-month siege of Stalingrad was one of the most pivotal — and dramatic — events in World War II. Indeed, the ‘battle of the Atlantic’ was extremely significant, but it was not a battle: instead, it was a six-year series of battles… The Battle of Leyte Gulf, sometimes also referred to as the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea was the largest naval battle in World War II and according to some historians, the largest naval battle in history. This is a list of World War II battles, sorted by front location.