/ kg), (£6.33 / kg), (£4.70 / kg), RRP*  Smilla Light cat food is a top quality complete dry food for overweight cats or cats with low activity levels; Poultry variety with only 9.5 % fat and 30% valuable proteins. That fat content might seem pretty high at first. More importantly it will give them an appetite that a sedentary can’t won’t have. Reduced-calorie dry food for cats that are overweight, rich in fibre and with a protein content to help support muscle mass maintenance, with L-carnitine to boost metabolism. At zooplus we offer a wide range of products for overweight cats and cat weight management of cats prone to becoming overweight, these include wet and dry diet food for cats and treats designed to avoid cat obesity through overeating between meals. If your cat doesn’t seem to be able to gain weight they may be overly active, have parasites, or they might be small. Hi there! A complete dry cat food which is tailored to suit the metabolism of neutered cats 1 year +. / kg), (£4.53 If you take a quick peek at the manufacturer’s website for this product, you’ll find that the most common complaint is that people can’t find it in stock anywhere! Kitten food is also geared at sensitive digestive systems, so you can be sure that even the fussiest of eaters will have no trouble while transitioning to this high calorie food. There are plenty of treats your cat will go wild for available out there. / kg), (£8.74 optimal feeding frequency + fresh water, 3.) Offer the Right Snacks Between Meals Healthy snacks between meals can aid … £63.29, (£4.80 Iams ProActive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food, Iams ProActive Health High Protein Chicken & Salmon Dry Cat Food, Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food. The Idle Cat is not a medical resource. All these foods and supplements are fantastic choices to help your cat gain some much-needed weight. Special dry cat food for diabetic and overweight cats. A balanced dietary wet food for adult cats, with a reduced calorie content to support weight loss and weight management. Once your cat has successfully transitioned to a food that’s more suited to their lifestyle and is eating healthily, you can manage their weight by portion control. Regular exercise will keep cats happy, happy cats will eat. Low-calorie diet dry food for adult cats that are overweight, to help with weight loss and promote a healthy bodyweight after dieting, with a reduced calorie content and recipe with 23% chicken. / kg), (£4.90 Perfect Fit Sterile 1+ Rich in Chicken is a dry food for cats which have been neutered. There are absolutely no artificial colors or flavors, making it perfect for those with sensitive digestive systems and are prone to throwing up (eww!). Kitten Food vs. Best Weight Gain Gel for Cats. That is likely to give you the best results in weight gain since you’ll have much less of a chance of any upset to your cat’s digestive system. Once neutered, cats can quickly gain weight on the wrong diet. Dehydration in Cats: Symptoms, Dangers and Treatment, How Your Cat’s Diet Affects their Urinary Health. / kg), (£5.40 £13.69, (£7.66 The age is perfect to completely remove any form of milk diet and solely depend upon the wet food diet along with the dry food diet as well. Here at zooplus we offer a great range of low fat diets to help with this issue, offering the best cat food for weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. Carbohydrates can be a worthwhile source of energy, but you should prefer a higher fat content instead where possible. Rich in protein and fibre for satiety and muscle maintenance. A cat that is skin and bones is just as unhealthy as an obese feline, so you need to help your cat to gain back the weight it has lost. Nutriment's low fat cat food is specially formulated with fresh ingredients and manufactured right here in the UK. / kg), (£8.99 Free feeding is not recommended in most cases since it leads to lazy feeding habits and eventually overweight cats. For cats who are already overweight or under-active, our range can help reduce the unwanted weight gain that higher fat foods can promote. These diet foods are the best cat food for keeping your feline nourished and healthy whilst encouraging steady weight loss, with both wet and dry food options to meet every need. / kg), (£10.99 Many a cat owner has testified that their cat goes crazy for this food. With moderate energy and fat content as well as L-carnitine, this tasty dry food helps your cat to maintain an ideal weight. At least in our estimation. 5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Cat Food. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Food, Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken Dry Cat Food, Blue Buffalo Healthy Living Adult Dry Cat Food, What to Look for in a Good Weight Gain Cat Food. It is best to stick to cat food treats rather than leftovers or raw meat, although a little bit of well-cooked fresh chicken or fish is okay. Our recommendation: Best Cat Food to Gain Weight / kg), (£3.70 Neutered cat diets tend to be lower in fat to keep your cat trim and healthy. Some people choose to feed their cat a raw diet - which if done incorrectly can pose a risk to your cat's health. Protein: 30.0% (min) | Fat: 8.0% (min) | Fiber: 8.0% (max). Petfect Fit Indoor wet cat food in handy single-serving pouches is formulated to meet the special needs of indoor cats who are less active than outdoor cats, with a "Total 5" health formula. Kittens need special food with plenty of energy for healthy development and senior cats need less calories and different nutrients to stop unnecessary weight gain. With prebiotics and Perfect Fit™ Total 5 formula to help keep your cat fit. Below is a list of the best high calorie cat food for weight gain, with recommended portion sizes where available. Look for high-quality, highly-digestible protein from muscle meat and organs. Iams ProActive Health High Protein Chicken & Salmon Dry Cat Food Accept Cookies”. At 230 kcal in a 5.5 oz can, this food will help your cat gain weight quickly. Using the finest ingredients and advanced feed manufacturing technology, GAIN Pet Nutrition offers high quality complete foods for both family pets and breeders. Natural Balance recommend the following feeding portions (8oz dry measure cup): Since you’re trying to get your cat to gain weight, it may be best to start with those recommended amounts at first, then gradually increase the portion size until you see them starting to fill out a little. zooplus uses Cookies to ensure the proper functioning of our website, to personalise content and advertising and to analyse our data traffic. Plus, you may prefer one for ease of … Any uneaten food should be cleared away so the overweight cat can't steal the leftovers. / kg), (£9.30 Palatability Is Vital. Many older cats lose interest in food. 2. Protein: 33.0% (min) | Fat: 21.0% (min) | Fiber: 3.0% (max). The vet-recommended formula contains a wide range of different vitamins that promote healthy living in cats. Plenty also noticed a softer, silkier coat after just a few weeks of transitioning. / kg), (£3.50 / kg), (£7.14 / kg), (£6.25 No discounts can be applied to this item. With adjusted energy and protein content, it can help maintain an ideal weight. / kg), (£7.37 extra cat treats or calorie-dense nutritional cat gel. Complete wet food for obese cats, to lose weight naturally and to stay a healthy weight. Purina Pro Plan Sterilised Rich in Salmon is a complete diet for adult neutered cats, made with salmon and tuna to keep the urinary tract healthy and an ideal body weight, as well as immune system. Reduced calorie nutrition in delicious gravy, with protein to help maintain healthy muscle mass. / kg), (£2.80 And since all of them have their pros and cons you may find one works better for your cat than others. / kg), (£6.85 This one isn’t as obvious and actually seems like it would have the opposite effect. These are exactly the kind of levels we’re looking for in a cat food for weight gain. To ensure that your cat gains weight at a healthy rate, and continues to maintain that weight, you should look to purchase foods that contain a good balance of protein and fat. Browse the full range of Diet Foods for Cat Weight Loss available here at zooplus. You should avoid excess amount of carbohydrates at all cost. It’s worth checking out to see which of their options is best for you. These diet cat foods are designed to help keep overweight and obese cats feeling full between meals, reducing energy intake without reducing the quantity of food they can enjoy. However, there are situations when adult cats need to gain weight. It boasts a calorie count of 371kcal/cup which is great news for those who’s furry friends need to pack on some weight. After sterilisation weight gain can be a real issue for felines, as appetites can increase whilst energy requirements and metabolism can drop, so it is essential that you choose the best cat food for your feline’s health. If you’re looking for organic, ethical, healthy wet cat food which is made in the UK then Lily’s Kitchen is definitely worth a try. Protein: 38.0% (min) | Fat: 18.0% (min) | Fiber: 3.0% (max). / kg), (£4.44 Treats should make up a maximum of 15% of a cat’s daily calorie intake. £41.50, (£8.12 We’ve tried to balance cost with effectiveness to bring you a varied set of options. / kg), (£5.45 We’ll talk about a few of the most common concerns cat owners have for their underweight cats and how to fatten them up to a healthy weight. The ingredients are well labelled and all add up, but there’s no calorie count per cup available from an official source. / kg), RRP*  / kg), (£6.57 / kg), (£9.33 A complete dry cat food for young male cats which have been neutered, up to 7 years of age. In practice you’ll know if you cat is getting heavier as less than 5kg is a relatively easy weight to lift, even at a stretch. Rich in chicken, it contains the unique Bifensis Dual Defense which helps natural antibody production, supple skin and shiny fur. Reduced calorie complete dry food with digestible proteins to help maintain muscle mass and L-carnitine, to help your cat feel fuller. your bond with your cat. / kg), (£7.31 / kg), (£6.50 Dietetic dry food for adult cats that are overweight and struggling with urinary tract conditions, helping to support weight control, reduce stress and minimise the risk of urinary stone formation. In fact, since kittens require higher levels of protein and fat to grow and develop it’s actually one of the best candidates for a weight gain food for cats of any age. In addition to being one of the highest-calorie canned foods you can buy, this food is rich in animal-sourced protein for healthy muscle tone and has a … Next up we have Tender Selects Blend from Purina. / kg), (£4.65 But there can be other contributing factors too. Before introducing your cat to a prescription diet, be sure to consult your veterinarian. Since they’re super rich and cat’s will almost always prefer them over their regular cat food, you do need to take some caution with how much you dish out. The 10 best cat foods to buy in the UK. Here at zooplus we offer a great range of diet foods for cat weight loss to meet every need. We’d recommend a smooth transition from your existing food to this one if you opt for it. There are many factors that can effect their appetite, but having peace of mind that they don’t have kidney disease or liver problems is the first thing you should aim for. Balanced complete dry cat food made with tasty chicken. With reduced fat and energy content, and high in dietary fibre to balance fluctuating blood sugar levels. Made with carefully selected poultry meat. Wet food alone may be the best choice for a cat trying to lose weight, but for a cat trying to gain calories, a combination of dry, wet, and even raw food high in protein will be best. We also inform our advertising and analysis partners about your use of our website. £11.88, RRP*  Even something like a trouble urinating can cause a cat’s appetite to plummet, leaving you confused and in the dark about why they’re refusing to eat. a healthy food (like the ones above), 2.) A low-calorie complete wet food for cats that struggle with obesity or weight gain. After searching high and low for a suitable value, we found it listed online as 3,990kcal/kg in total. When recommending our favorite products, The Idle Cat may direct you to retailers that provide us with a small commission on any resulting sales. We’re sure you’ll be just as impressed with this cat food as we have been with every BLUE product we’ve gotten our hands on. Last but not least, we have Healthy Living from BLUE. A consultation with your veterinarian may be in order to help trim down your kitty. These fatty components boost gain and are also beneficial to your cat by making the coat shiny & healthy, preventing dry or flaky skin, reduce inflammation, enhances gastrointestinal health, and may also be good for allergies. / kg), RRP*  A complete dietetic dry food for cats aged 1+ years with excessive body weight. £18.69, (£9.66 For cats which are prone to weight gain. Specially tailored dry food for cats aged 1-7 years, helping to reduce excess food intake and leave your cat feeling full, with a moderate fat content to help maintain an ideal weight. £6.24, (£3.56 To help your cat gain weight, it’s not a good idea to just give them more of their current food. Let’s kick things off with some simple tips. It may even be parasites or worms causing them to lose weight, something that can be remedied fairly easily. / kg), (£8.33 Reduced-energy balanced dry food for overweight cats over the age of 12 months, designed to promote healthy weight loss and maintenance with its increased fibre content and plenty of protein. Managing your cat's weight when you have multiple cats. Kitten food is especially useful here since it contains both of those macronutrients in plentiful amounts. Just like us, our feline friends can sometimes end up carrying a bit of extra weight, particularly as they get on in years. Kittens require the extra nutrients to grow rapidly, and it can have the same effect on adult cats too. To heat your cat’s food, put their food in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave it for a few seconds. A lot of cat foods push calorie content up by including carbohydrates that aren’t naturally part of your cat’s diet. £4.39, (£9.97