View on Amazon. Quick and easy installation. Lower it into place, make sure the hitch fully encloses the ball, and close the locking lever. The bars in the hitch serve as the weight equalizer. They can even try to hide metal composition by diverting focus to another part of the lock. It should not be your sole form of trailer security. One unique feature of D-L® couplers is the ability to adjust them by hand without using any tools. It is the highest security option, as opposed to the Dealkoo’s minimum security standards. The hitch assembly is usually bolted to the truck's frame in a number of places, providing a secure connection between the truck and the trailer. Similar to this issue of how the coupler is bolted together, there is an issue with only using a padlock to secure the hasp of the coupler. Here Are 10 Things I Did To Get Back In, 15 Best Security Cameras That Are Simple And Easy To Set-Up. If any of these points are weak, the entire lock will be compromised. Something is not bad by virtue of being popular. It is not obvious what we are talking about when we discuss the topic of trailer locks. Once the coupler is permanently bolted or welded to your trailer's frame rail (s) at the front (this is the "tongue" area), it then fits over the round ball on the trailer hitch attached to your vehicle. Extending the hitch does not change the tongue weight of the trailer, It does make the load transfer effect on the tow vehicle (unloading the front and loading up the rear) worse. There are a few types of ways you can lock a trailer. You cross the chains to act as a fail-safe to catch the trailer should it somehow become detached. Or that is hope at least. This type of trailer lock is perfect for people looking to add security to their trailer. CURT trailer hitch covers are available in … Over time and without lubrication, the ball will wear out as will the ball socket on the trailer coupler. Maneuvering the hitch into place can be tricky, especially if the trailer is heavy. The means to do this varies somewhat. You can take a look at a rather dramatic example of the Bolt trailer hitch lock pin being attached as compared to other products. All other Atwood couplers work fine. Next, measure the hitch ball shank size. The similarly designed Marvel coupler also works just fine with the Andersen WD Hitch. The coupler mounts and locks on top of the hitch ball and articulates around the hitch ball. For example, the trailer hitch lock can be ignored altogether if the coupler is only bolted on. Strong metals do not fit either of those criteria. A quick Google search on the subject revealed ‘Truck Trailer Hitch Failure Attorneys’ on the first page. The Brahma wheel lock is just another example of the quality engineering and designing that goes into making their industry defining security products. Under the category of trailer lock, this lock falls into the subcategory of wheel lock. How does this work? This is preferred by some because they do not trust basic spring steel to hold up over time and just want a more secure fastener for their hitch pin, but many more use these locks as their sole trailer hitch lock. You might be able to use this type of trailer lock as your sole trailer security, but only if you use the best possible products. If the selected trailer hitch load equalizer is equipped with the chains, they help to stabilize the caravan, producing the torque. Finally, measure the thickness of the base. To do this, move the locking lever to the unlocked position, push up the nut locking channel and ball clamp with your fingers, then spin the lock nut several turns counterclockwise towards the ground. So I would say either don’t concern yourself with the security of this type of trailer lock, or get the Bolt Trailer Hitch Lock Pin. This video will show you the operation of the trailer hitch ballmount and coupler … But security devices that are popular need to be viewed with a higher level of scrutiny, as this often has to do with price point. Trailer hitch covers When your trailer hitch receiver is not in use, a CURT hitch tube cover helps keep the inside of the receiver clear of dirt, debris and moisture. Metals to look out for are zinc and aluminum, both of which are too malleable or fragile for high-security purposes. What is a Hitch Coupler, and How Does It Work? Not a good sign. It is possible that a criminal could overwhelm this lock with brute force, but it would take highly specific tools, time, and end up making a lot of noise. Whether you are getting a trailer hitch lock or some other form of trailer lock, security begins with the way you lock your trailer. When you know the different types of trailer locks, you can better navigate the great choices before you. Master Lock 389DAT Universal Size Trailer Locks. Get free useful tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. First, let talk about the construction of the hitch and the way it operates. Repeat as necessary until it feels nice and tight as the lever goes down.To test if you've adjusted the coupler tight enough, grab onto the coupler and shake it a bit. Recreational and light commercial hitch balls come in a variety of sizes including 1 7/8", 2", 2 5/16" and infrequently, 3". It might also take so much time to overwhelm that criminals get anxious and leave. Low production costs rely very heavily on using materials that are cheap to work with and cheap to gain access to. Perform the shake test to make sure the coupler is snugly and correctly adjusted.Thanks for watching!Visit our YouTube channel for more videos like this, and be sure to let us know what product questions you'd like to see answered in a future video!\" There are other cheaper products that do not cover the lug nuts, so you will need to buy additional products to protect your tires from being removed. Many of the mass produced products have glaring security issues, so it is important to get the best hitch pin lock if you are planning on using one. 3 stainless steel springs do all the work from sliding the bottom plate in place to locking the coupler latch pin.Picture left, is the hookup spotter mirror option from Gooseneck Easy Coupler. The trailer hitch will have a locking lever on its upper surface. Hitch Ball: Ball-shaped attachment to a hitch onto which a trailer coupler is attached. Musicians and service professionals can have copious amounts of expensive electronic equipment and power tools, both of which are easy to resell. With this trailer lock, you get lug nut protection for your wheels, but it can also hold up to towing attacks that rely on securing a chain to the wheel lock and then pulling it with the full force of the criminal’s vehicle. The coupler must be the same size and equal or greater weight capacity of the hitch ball to ensure a safe … And then there were the pictures: trucks and trailers […] With a socket wrench of the appropriate size, you can have the hasp removed entirely. It is significantly better and will allow you more time to react or even discover that there is an issue. Replacing Your Locks: What Is The Best Choice For Your Home. This is just to say, that the Brahma name continues to be on the cutting edge of highly advanced and effective security. This video demonstrates how to do it. Get free shipping on qualified Trailer Hitch Coupler Hitches or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Automotive department. Though extruded aluminum can sometimes work.